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May 30

A Welcome Message from the New President and CEO

Shane Waslaski, President and CEO


May 30, 2014

Intelligent InSites is made up of modern day pioneers. We are mobilizing the creativity, innovativeness and tenacity of our team and our partners to change the face of healthcare delivery. Through real time tracking and operational intelligence, our solution is returning the focus of healthcare to healing and it is why I am so pleased to be back in the healthcare industry leading Intelligent InSites.

Here is what we know is happening:
• The healthcare industry is about to change more and change more rapidly in the next 5 years than it has in the last 25 years.
• While public policy may hasten the need for healthcare transformation, it will not provide the solution to the pervasive inefficiency ailing this industry.
• The improvement of healthcare delivery will be driven by solutions, precisely like our operational intelligence solution, which drive out waste and enhance efficiency and put the right people and resources in the right position at the right time.
• Sensing technology, the rapid distillation of data, and true business intelligence systems are the solution.

Our Intelligent InSites solution can and will reconnect doctor and nurse to patient, giving them the time and the information needed to provide the best care possible.

I am looking forward to connecting with you over the next few weeks and I hope to meet you in person in September at our InSites Build 2014.

Finest regards,
Shane Waslaski
President and CEO
Intelligent InSites

May 23

Welcome Shane Waslaski – the new President and CEO of Intelligent InSites

Doug Burgum, Executive Chairman, Board of Directors


May 23, 2014

I would like to welcome Shane Waslaski to the Intelligent InSites team as our new President and CEO.

In our search for the next leader of Intelligent InSites, we sought a seasoned and dynamic executive with an exceptional understanding of healthcare operations. Shane brings the ideal blend of proven leadership, customer focus, and operational intelligence, along with a breadth of expertise in lean principles and efficient healthcare delivery models.

Shane brings a proven leadership background in complex operations across the healthcare, manufacturing, infrastructure, and transportation industries, and he has served in various executive roles throughout his career, including President, CEO, COO, and Senior Vice President.

Most recently, Shane was President of Varistar, where he led a manufacturing and infrastructure business portfolio with 1,600 employees and revenues of more than $500M. Varistar is a management and holding subsidiary of Otter Tail Corporation (NASDAQ: OTTR), where he also served as a corporate officer and Senior Vice President.

Prior to these roles, Shane held operational leadership positions in healthcare delivery organizations and consulted for a wide range of healthcare customers, including hospitals, clinics, and insurers.

As I transition my interim President and CEO duties to Shane, I will remain deeply engaged with Intelligent InSites as Executive Chairman of the Board.

Welcome Shane!

Doug Burgum,
Executive Chairman, Board of Directors
Intelligent InSites

May 13

Staying in the Know with the Patient Care Delivery Progress

Marnie Lange, Customer Needs Strategist

May 13th, 2014


I recently had a personal experience that exemplified the importance of automatically-generated and automatically-collected data in healthcare. Last week, I accompanied a loved one to a surgical procedure. When we checked in, I was handed a card with a number on it; the number indicated him in a de-identified way. Along with the number there was a legend that identified the stages he would be going through. The legend was color coded and indicated the following milestones: Pre-Op, Intra-Op, In Surgery, Surgery Ending/Closing, Post Op, and Recovery. In the waiting room was a large view screen with his number in the corresponding color to his current milestone.

As a concerned loved one I sat in the waiting room gazing up at the screen so that I could track his progress along his surgical journey, anxiously awaiting him to move to the next stage. About 45 minutes after the screen listed him as “in surgery,” I decided I needed a soda and was going to walk to the gas station next door to get one. I figured I was safe as he had only been listed as “in surgery” for a fraction of the time that the surgeon said the surgery would take. He also had to go through the “closing/ending” milestone as well as the “Post Op” milestone before I could I join him in recovery. So I was off to get my soda, confident I would be back in plenty of time.

As I was walking out the door of the clinic however, a nurse caught me and said- “Marnie?” “He’s in recovery and ready to see you.”

Um…what? “But your view board said he was still in surgery,” I replied.

She responded by giggling and saying, “We get so busy we don’t have time to get in to the system and keep that view board up to date. We try, but taking care of our patients is our first priority.”

Since I have been a clinician, I’ve been in her shoes, and I know exactly what she means. We put our patients first, and often that means we don’t have time for anything else, including keeping patients’ families up-to-date with what is going on with their loved ones.

That’s why I am super excited that more and more healthcare organizations take advantage of technologies that simplify the communication process between the patient, care providers, and patient’s family.

The solution that we developed at Intelligent InSites automatically monitors patients’ movements, providing a real-time view of what is happening with the patient at every stage of the care delivery process. The patient’s family and friends are now able to receive automated and customized status updates to their mobile phones, message boards in the waiting rooms, and to the communication devices given to them at the patient check-in.

So today, regardless if you are waiting in a family room or you are on your way to grab a soda, you can stay in the know!

May 08

Discover Best Practices for RTLS and RFID Success in Healthcare

Shelly Schulz, RN , Learning & Development Manager

May 8, 2014


We invite you to join our upcoming webinar on May 21, 2014, at noon CT, to learn how to ensure a successful deployment of a real-time location system (RTLS) to deliver ongoing process improvement, better care, and reduced costs.

During this webinar, we will share answers to questions like ‘How do I prepare my organization for the change?’ or ‘How do we pick the right things to tag and manage with our RTLS solution?’ and ‘What types of real-time data should be collected and analyzed to deliver ongoing process improvement, better care, and reduced costs?’

Attend this webinar to discover important preparation tasks and baseline activities before starting the implementation process and best practices for successful implementation of an RTLS solution. You will also hear tips on managing the continuous process improvement and the hard-dollar ROI that can be achieved.

Here is a link to register:

Hope you can join us!

Apr 29

Chris Lerum Joins InSites Team as the Vice President of Services

Tom Schneider, Chief Administrative Officer


April 29, 2014

We are very pleased to share with you that Chris Lerum has joined our team as the Vice President of Services.

Chris comes to Intelligent InSites from Microsoft where he worked as a Senior Director of Global Partner Services. In his leadership role at Intelligent InSites he will focus on creating a world class services organization supporting Intelligent InSites’ vision to transform healthcare operations and patient care delivery, with real-time operational intelligence.

Chris holds a B.S degree in accounting from the University of North Dakota and joined Great Plains in 1991, and was with Microsoft since its acquisition of Great Plains in 2001. In his most current role at Microsoft, Chris leads the commercial Global Partner Services business serving those Microsoft partners that have enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network program.  Working across the Microsoft Services global leadership team, he focuses his energies on fine tuning global processes, driving global adherence and consistency, and ensuring partner satisfaction.

Welocome Chris!

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Apr 16

HCA Invests in Operational Intelligence

Marcus Ruark, Vice President of Products and Strategy


April, 16, 2014

It is with great excitement that we announce that HCA, the world’s largest for-profit operator of healthcare facilities, has made a strategic investment in Intelligent InSites.  HCA operates over 160 hospitals and over 100 freestanding surgery centers in the US and the UK.

As part of the investment, Chuck Hall, HCA’s President of National Group, will join the Board of Directors of Intelligent InSites.

A little over one year ago, I had the great pleasure to announce, in this blog, the news that the Department of Veterans Affairs selected Intelligent InSites’ software for deployment across their 150+ VA Medical Centers.  And most recently, in February, we were thrilled to announce that Sanford Health, the nation’s largest rural healthcare provider, selected Intelligent InSites for enterprise-wide deployment.  We are truly humbled AND inspired to have the opportunity to serve these visionary healthcare systems.

Marcus Ruark
Vice President of Products and Strategy

Apr 08

Dan Schulz Joins InSites Team as Vice President of Engineering

Tom Schneider, Chief Administrative Officer


April 8, 2014

We are very pleased to share with you that Dan Schulz has joined our team as Vice President of Engineering. Dan brings extensive experience leading software engineering teams, most recently at Appareo Systems in Fargo. Dan also was co-founder and VP of Engineering at Be-At-Home (now part of Echelon), and led Research and Engineering teams at Great Plains Software, IBM, and Mayo Clinic. Dan brings with him a great set of skills, including delivering predictable and high-quality release cycles, managing the communication of engineering milestones to all stakeholders, and mentoring team members for personal and career growth. Dan grew up on a farm outside of Edgeley, ND. He graduated from Jamestown College with a B.A. in Computer Science and Chemistry. He and his wife Shelly live in Fargo and have one son, Zac.

Dan says “I am extremely happy to be part of the company, and to be working in a team that develops and delivers superior solutions that provide profound improvements for our customers—building a great company, with a great culture, in the process.”

Our Executive Chairman and Interim CEO – Doug Burgum – states “It is fantastic for us that we have recruited a leader of Dan’s experience, passion, and vision, and it’s great validation of our solution and the value that we are providing to our customers. It means that we are well-positioned to take on the challenges of scaling our business, as we expand our customer base and continue to innovate on our industry-leading solutions.”

Welcome Dan!

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Apr 04

Save the Date for InSites Build 2014!

Joanna Wyganowska, MBA, PMP, Director of Marketing


April 4, 2014

Save the date for our annual industry event – InSites Build 2014 – September 22-24, 2014, in Fargo ND!

What is InSites Build?
InSites Build is about big ideas, collaboration, and genuine connections. We’ve created a think tank of healthcare providers, analysts, consultants, and tech innovators for an opportunity to really change the way healthcare operates.

See the highlights from InSites Build 2013

Join us for an open dialog on embracing technology to drive down the cost of healthcare while improving the quality of care and enhancing the patient experience.

If you would like to receive updates about InSites Build 2014 – send us your contact info to

Hope to see you there!
Joanna Wyganowska

Mar 21

How RTLS Can Help Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance

Joanna Wyganowska, MBA, PMP, Director of Marketing

March 21, 2014

If you are looking for ways to improve your hand hygiene compliance you should definitely consider the use of Real-Time Locating System (RTLS). An RTLS-based hand hygiene monitoring solution will automate the recording of all hand hygiene events in your hospital and can remind your healthcare workers to wash their hands before interacting with your patients.

HH hospital

How does it work? The hand-washing sensor detects a hand-washing event and—through a wireless signal—sends the healthcare worker ID, time, and location to our system. In addition, the sensor attached to the patient bed can recognize if the hand washing event has not taken place and will notify the healthcare worker to wash their hands (a quick reminder can be sent via mobile device or some sensors can actually vibrate).

What’s exciting about using an RTLS-based hand hygiene monitoring solution is that it documents all hand-hygiene events in the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing infection prevention and process improvement folks with accurate, real-time hand-hygiene data to affect changes in hand-hygiene behavior.

Our solution offers different reports that leverage collected data e.g. hand washing compliance by department, staff member, room, usage of soap vs gel, etc.

One of our customers was reporting low hand-washing compliance in one of their patient rooms. After a physical inspection of the room in question, it turned out that the sink was located behind the doors, which interfered with a natural pathway from the room entrance to the patient bed. They were able then to quickly fix the problem by installing an additional antibacterial dispenser located on the proper side of the door – which helped them instantly with hand-washing adherence.

With our Hand Hygiene Compliance solution you will be able to identify problem areas and monitor if the applied changes make a positive impact.

I invite you to watch this 1-min. video to see how RTLS can help your organization improve hand hygiene compliance:
Hand Hygiene Compliance Video

Joanna Wyganowska, Lean Healthcare Fanatic
Intelligent InSites

Mar 14

RTLS – an Awesome Tool for Work Flow Mapping

Joanna Wyganowska - MBA, PMP, Lean Healthcare Fanatic

March 14, 2014

I bet that each and every process improvement aficionado would agree with me that the spaghetti diagram is the best tool for work flow mapping. Information about the paths and time spent by patients, staff, and pieces of medical equipment during the process of care delivery can identify inefficient layouts and processes, and work towards optimizing them.

Traditionally, spaghetti diagrams were done manually by plotting the paths of moving things and people on floor plans. I was never a fan of it. Not only is it a very time-consuming task, but also tainted with error caused by the Hawthorne effect.

Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) now provide us with the way to automatically collect data on monitored movements, including the exact location and the time spend at each key step of care delivery.

And that’s not all! The most awesome thing is that the visual representation of the process is done automatically for you! Isn’t it a dream come true?

What’s also exciting is that it’s not a one-time exercise. Location data is collected constantly, 24/7 – so you can compare days of the week, hours in a day, etc. without any extra effort.

Folks that were at HIMSS14 last month could see a simple illustration of how it all works in our booth. The staff in Sonitor’s booth (Sonitor is a partner of Intelligent InSites that provides the location data displayed in our platform) were wearing location tags. Visitors in the InSites booth could watch the movements of their staff members in real-time and examine trends throughout the day.


With the sub-room accuracy of Sonitor Sense technology, combining high definition ultrasound technology with Wi-Fi and Low Frequency RF, you can receive accurate RTLS data that can be used by various applications, such as our work flow apps.

Supplied with this powerful information you can identify the sources of problems and determine where the waste in your process is hiding. It also helps you decide on the next steps to take …and –what is critically important– to examine if the changes in work flow actually work!

I am super excited about it! Are you?