Improve care coordination and
efficiency with patient tracking solutions.

Visibility into the location of patients, equipment and other staff at any given time can improve efficiency for care teams and operational services teams alike. As care providers move across hospital floors to care for patients and complete their rounds, they know which patients are in their rooms and ready for care. Communication across care teams is streamlined with ongoing visibility and automated messaging.

Leverage the power of
location-based intelligence

InSites for Acute Care software gives you visibility into the location of patients and staff throughout your facility. Through real-time visualization and historical reporting, you can understand where bottlenecks or outliers exist and have objective before-and-after data to continuously make and measure operational process improvements.

We are able to budget and proactively manage our staffing patterns based on cutting out processes that only delayed care. This allows us to make better, informed decisions because we have data that is real-time.

– Director of Critical Care


Improve staff efficiency

Visibility into the location of patients allows caregivers to better plan their work and improve efficiency. When physicians must move across units, floors and even buildings to see patients, they know at-a-glance that patients are in their room and ready for care.

Streamline care team coordination

Knowing who is in the room with the patient helps streamline care coordination and improve communication across the care team. Configurable, automated notifications and alerts help keep the care team informed.

Create a safer environment

With real-time location visibility, staff can be easily located if assistance is needed in patient care, or if an incident of violence occurs within the department. In the event of a contagious outbreak, patients, staff and even equipment that may have been potentially exposed can be automatically traced.

Patient Visibility Mobile

Create a visual workplace – automatically.

The InSites’ software solution is built with an open technology platform that seamlessly integrates with other healthcare IT systems, in either a cloud-based or hosted model. Data from EHR, mobile communication, building and real-time location (RTLS) systems is automatically collected and processed, transforming it into a visual workplace for caregivers and staff.

  •   Current patient location
  •   Current location of staff
  •   Staff present in the room with the patient
  •   Which rooms need to be turned over

Visibility beyond the data.

InSites’ business intelligence tools give you visibility to monitor and understand factors affecting overall performance. Through advanced reporting and visualization, you can view current or historical data to analyze patterns, pinpoint process bottlenecks and recommend opportunities for operational improvements.


Reports are built based on InSites best practices and are included with your business intelligence too. Reports can be easily modified and new reports can be built to meet your specific needs. Use of your own analytical tools is possible with access to the InSites data store. InSites professional services team has the resources to support your BI initiatives.  


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