Improve your healthcare operations with Intelligent InSites.

Healthcare has never been more expensive and complicated than it is today. We work with our customers to improve patient flow, asset utilization and operational efficiency in clinics, acute care facilities and health delivery networks. Our software processes location data from RTLS, RFID and other technologies to inform in-the-moment decisions, automate workflows and drive continuous process improvement.


Automatic collection of location movements, workflow milestone timestamps, and contextual status


Automated workflows and messaging, along with a visual workplace remove bottlenecks


Single platform that gives context to operational data, delivering cross-system intelligence


Reports and analytics to find patterns and outliers, introduce change and monitor results

Improve your top metrics with InSites.

InSites for


  • Reduce patient cycle time
  • Eliminate patient wait time
  • Increase patient access
  • Optimize exam room utilization
  • Expand services with better facility efficiency


Asset Managment

  • Right-size equipment inventory with higher utilization
  • Improve operating margin with less equipment spend
  • Reduce stock out situations with real-time PAR visibility

InSites for

Acute Care

  • Reduce emergency department hold times
  • Automatically trace patient contacts
  • Improve care team communications and efficiency
  • Eliminate manual temperature monitoring tasks
Customer Case Study

Innovative Clinic Design | Sanford Health

Improved patient flow with innovative clinic design, location-based technology and patient self-rooming

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Patient Interactions
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