You know there is waste in your operations.

You think you could be spending less on equipment.  You want to address
long wait times, but you can’t easily identify or quantify root causes.


You need objective, meaningful data that shows what’s really happening – and help using it to drive lasting change.

Intelligent InSites gives you both – deep insight from automatically collected location-based healthcare operational data and expert guidance for using it to cut waste and improve experiences.

Solutions from InSites impact many of the “Big 10” operational metrics in healthcare. For example, driving improvements in Time to Service has these results:

  • Patients’ needs get met sooner
  • More patients are seen
  • Space is better utilized

wait time



waiting space 

care minutes


How Location-Based Healthcare Operations Work


Location and timestamp data is automatically collected as people and equipment move around. Intelligence delivered to the right people at the right time takes out waste and waiting.


Dashboards show current counts and status, flagging priority actions. Reports show trends and details about exam room and equipment utilization, as well as duration of patient flow milestones.


Your operational data can be analyzed using pre-built, customizable reports provided in the InSites reporting library, or using your preferred analytics tool. Our expert advisors help you turn data into improvements in process and significant increases in throughput, efficiency and satisfaction.

Technology implementations fall
short of expectations for two reasons:

1. They lack clear goals.     2. There’s no plan for making the new processes “stick.” 

We want your project to break that pattern, so we take a different approach.

With so many challenges and priorities to manage, you can use some
help shaping a compelling vision for your organization’s transformational journey.

After working with many clinics, acute care facilities and health systems – including the
largest IDNs in the nation – we’ve developed a proven approach: ForeSite.


Engage with us for a preliminary diagnosis of your operational processes, current IT infrastructure and staff readiness for change. Whether or not you decide to proceed, you’ll walk away with a valuable Improvement Potential Assessment.


Identify solution sets and their high-level functions and develop a tactical plan for execution. Your teams will be equipped with a comprehensive Operations Excellence Roadmap to boost buy-in and adoption.


Identify gaps and define success – including the best practices and key performance metrics you strive to achieve. You’ll get an Operations Improvement Framework that lays the groundwork for change.


Here, your high-level vision and tactical plans become real. InSites will deploy a team of seasoned professionals to get your new solutions and processes up and running.

We’ll stay with you as your operational excellence partner.

You’ll be connected with a Customer Success Manager who will act as your liaison to a team of InSites services professionals. Our Success Managers help your teams leverage the intelligence and automation delivered from InSites’ solutions by:

  • Measuring before and after improvements from baseline
  • Helping project champions keep leadership informed of results
  • Constantly looking for more ways InSites can drive improvement

“An RTLS system enabling an organization to know what’s going on – whether it’s people, equipment or patients – is the absolute next step in running an operation efficiently.”

– Caryn Hewitt RN, MBA, Director of Nursing Operations – Sanford Health