Team InSites is a passionate group of people dedicated to changing the healthcare experience. With such an important mission, we meet the expectations of our customers through collaboration and tenacity.





I’ve done a lot of different jobs and eventually you learn what you are looking for in a job. For me that was to help people. InSites provided me a method to work with technology to help people every single day whether they know it or not. The reason I love my work is the feeling from being a part of a team that does that.

Tyler Schroeder | Software Engineer

I am very proud to be part of InSites. While the healthcare industry continues to evolve and present new challenges, knowing we’re truly helping transform the patient experience makes all the hard work worth it!

Shanna Flanagan | Marketing Manager

I work for InSites because it is a rewarding experience, collaborating with truly nice and very talented co-workers as we create innovative tools that can greatly improve the healthcare experience for both patients and staff.

Keith Herron, MHS, PA-C | Solution Designer

To make a difference. We are tackling the operational concerns that cause caregivers to be pulled away from doing what we love to do – care for the patient and their families. Giving time back for patient care will make a difference.

Shelly Schulz, RN | Customer Solutions Specialist



We are looking for driven, ambitious, goal-oriented professionals
who want to work hard, make a difference and succeed.