Assuring Patient & Staff Safety | Royal Adelaide Hospital

Building off of InSites RTLS operational platform, InSites custom engineering services team worked closely with Royal Adelaide to customize a single solution that could report out on both mobile AND fixed duress events.

Asset Wi-Fi for RTLS Growth

This Florida-based hospital saved over $250,000 by leveraging asset Wi-Fi RTLS which helped them locate equipment, reduce rental costs and build value for future RTLS expansion.

Driving Measurable Results | Oregon Medical Group

Using RTLS-based data and intelligence to drive measurable results, Oregon Medical Group reduced patient wait time prior to being seen by a care provider by 75%.

Innovative Clinic Design | Sanford Health

Sanford Health transformed the patient experience and improved patient flow by implementing an innovative clinic design, location-based technology and patient self-rooming.

Healthcare Process Design | Orthopedic Clinic

How this advanced orthopedics clinic used an intelligent process design and location-based workflow data to improve inefficiencies in patient flow and add more value to patient visits resulting in a reduced patient cycle time of 25%.

New Staff and Patient Experience | Texas Health

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital uses the operational intelligence platform to automate asset tracking and patient flow, communicate more efficiently, spend less time searching for equipment and more time delivering quality care.

Delivering Excellent Service | Mobile Infirmary

Mobile Infirmary Medical Center uses location-based intelligence to automatically track and manage 2,000+ medical assets across six hospital floors.

Eliminate Patient Waiting | Group Health

Group Health’s Seattle clinic, equipped with RTLS technology, transforms the patient experience. With real-time visibility into the location of patients, care providers, and equipment, their team has reduced patient waiting times during clinic visits.

Improving Healthcare Efficiency | VA Medical

The Department of Veterans Affairs turned to location-based intelligence to help decrease operational costs, increase staff efficiency, and reduce delays in patient care by leveraging data about equipment, staff and patients.

Efficient Patient Care | Butler Health

Butler Health System leveraged data and reporting from location-based intelligence to improve asset management, temperature monitoring and staff and family communications resulting in an additional 2,000 hours of value-added time annually.

Operational Intelligence in Healthcare | Academic Medical Center

By leveraging real-time operational intelligence to optimize equipment resources and streamline workflows, this leading academic medical center saved more than $8 million in its first three years.

Efficient Medical Equipment Management | Texas Health Dallas

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas implemented RTLS to track the location of medical equipment. What they found was the workflow automatization and reporting capabilities also helped them efficiently allocate equipment across the facility and save $412,000 in their first year.