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Delivering Excellent Service

How Infirmary Health Leverages Real-Time Technologies to Meet The Joint Commission Standard for Life Safety and Deliver Excellent Service


The vision of Infirmary Health is to be the first choice for healthcare in the region. This vision is reinforced by one of Infirmary Health’s values – excellent service. As part of their efforts in achieving excellent service, Infirmary Health partners with Crothall Healthcare for support in environmental services, patient transportation, laundry & linens services, and Morrison Management Specialist.


To realize the full potential of their services, Crothall Healthcare implemented an RTLS-based healthcare technology solution at Mobile Infirmary Medical Center. The solution includes location-based software and intelligence from Intelligent InSites and RTLS hardware from CenTrak. Working together, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center automatically tracks and manages over 2,000 medical assets, located on six floors of the hospital.


One of the biggest benefits the solution is the ability to meet The Joint Commission Standard for Life Safety, LS.02.01.20, which requires hospitals to maintain the integrity of the means of egress. With the InSites solution, the Environmental Services team receives automated notifications if any piece of equipment that potentially obstructs the eight feet of corridor clearance and needs to be relocated. With the system tracking the time each piece of equipment is in a specific location, the EVS team knows exactly how much time remains within the acceptable 30-minute window to avoid a violation of this standard.

Through staff badging, the RTLS system enables Mobile Infirmary Medical Center to deliver a better patient experience as the patient transportation department can dispatch their team members faster. Infirmary Health has already realized a 12% improvement of the request-to-dispatch time KPI.

With the asset management solution, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center is able to validate which equipment has been in each patient room. This creates greater transparency and improved reconciliation during the patient billing process. This also improves safety for both patients and staff. Visibility into the location of medical equipment helps ensure that soiled equipment does not enter a patient room, allowing only sterile assets to be in contact with the patient.

Customer Profile

Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, a 677-bed hospital, is the largest not-for-profit hospital in the state of Alabama. The organization has been recognized by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama with Blue Distinctions in the areas of bariatric surgery, knee and hip replacement, and spine surgery. Mobile Infirmary Medical Center has over 2,500 employees, 650 physicians on staff, and performs over 24,000 surgeries annually.


Software Platform Partner:          Intelligent InSites
RTLS Hardware Partner:             CenTrak

Program Management:                Crothall Healthcare

Our team is focused on delivering excellent service to the patients and care providers. With the RTLS system, we can respond promptly to their needs and maintain the highest standards of patient safety.”

– Ender Waltman, Resident Regional Manager  Crothall HealthcareInfirmary Health


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