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How Butler Health System Uses Location-Based Intelligence to Improve Efficiency and Patient Care


Butler Health System’s vision is to be the region’s premier provider of high value, integrated care. Specifically, Butler was looking for solutions that would enable them to deliver more personalized and efficient patient care at their centerpiece facility, Butler Memorial Hospital. With a focus on technological innovation, they turned to Intelligent InSites to help deliver on their goals.


Butler Memorial Hospital implemented Intelligent InSites’ location-based software solution, coupled with RTLS hardware from Ekahau and a communication platform from Vocera, as the core of its patient flow and communication solution. The innovative InSites solution automatically collects real-time location data of both patients and equipment utilizing Wi-Fi-based location tags powered by Ekahau. This data is then processed through a sophisticated rules engine, which triggers patient care milestone updates and drives vital notifications and alerts out to other applications and systems.

Improved Patient Flow

The InSites solution automatically monitors patients’ movements in real time. This information, as well as other notifications regarding the patient, is delivered to the right person, at the right time, on the right device. Through the reporting capabilities of the InSites solution, Butler Health automatically tracks the time surgical patients spend during each phase of their operation. This data is then used to improve workflow processes, better manage staffing and equipment resources, as well as report performance against throughput metrics.

Unified Communications

Both staff and patients benefit from instant and accurate communication. Nurse calls, physician orders, and alert messages are routed directly to the appropriate staff. Whether in the waiting room or in the hospital cafeteria, patients’ families and friends are able to receive automated and customized message updates regarding the patient’s progress. Unifying communication systems has greatly reduced the number of phone calls for patient status updates.

Effective Asset Management

With the InSites solution, staff at Butler Health know the exact location and status of their equipment, saving valuable time and improving the utilization of assets. As a result, Butler Health has been able to increase staff productivity and realize significant hard dollar savings in procurement and rentals by leveraging metrics used to determine and maintain optimum equipment levels.

Automated Temperature Monitoring

Using this technology, Butler Health automatically monitors and logs the compliance of temperature monitored devices, such as refrigerators and warming blankets. If the temperature exceeds or drops below a preset threshold, an alert is transmitted to hospital personnel, so immediate corrective actions can be taken. Automating the temperature monitoring process eliminates manual and time-consuming temperature checks, allowing staff to more efficiently manage their resources and nurses more time to spend directly with patients.


Butler Health’s focus on innovation through location-based technology has impacted staff productivity and the patient experience:

  • Converted 2,000 hours annually of non-valued added time to value-added time through automated temperature monitoring
  • Realized hard dollar savings on equipment procurement and rentals through real-time equipment tracking

Customer Profile

Butler Memorial Hospital is the 288-bed, flagship facility of Butler Health System, opened its doors in 1898. Since opening its doors in 1898, Butler has remained an independent award-winning community hospital.


Software Platform Partner:          Intelligent InSites
RTLS Hardware Partner:             Ekahau


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