Operational Intelligence in Healthcare | Wake Forest

Operational Intelligence in Healthcare

How Wake Forest Baptist Health Leverages Real-Time Technologies to Optimize Resources and Streamline Workflows


The goal of Wake Forest Baptist is to provide the best quality patient and family-centered care to improve the health of those who live in the communities they serve, and to do this more efficiently and effectively to lower medical costs. One of the key initiatives at Wake Forest Baptist is to use real-time technologies coupled with process improvements to optimize resources, streamline workflows, and assist in creating the “Ultimate Patient Experience.”


In order to meet this strategic objective, Wake Forest Baptist established the Office of Enterprise Visibility. This office is responsible for the implementation of processes, supporting technologies, driving Service Excellence, Patient Safety and Satisfaction, Operational Excellence and Efficiency, and the Transformation of Healthcare Delivery (SPOT). As the result of this focus, Wake Forest Baptist has been recognized as having the most comprehensive implementation of real-time technologies in the healthcare industry.

Wake Forest Baptist successfully implemented more than 50 use cases leveraging real-time location data. These use cases include asset management, temperature monitoring, wait-time management, infection controlpatient/staff locating, milestones of care, and many more. Achieving breadth and depth of use cases was enabled through the execution of a specific vision and multi-year plan along with an enterprise-grade operational intelligence platform. The platform’s API’s are continually utilized to develop additional integrations and several additional high-value applications.

As the result of this focus, Wake Forest Baptist has been recognized as having one of the most comprehensive implementations of real-time technologies in the healthcare industry.

It is extremely rewarding to see our staff so engaged with technology. Every day they come up with new and innovative ideas on how to use sensory data to provide the ultimate patient experience.”

– Conrad Emmerich, VP Clinical Operations, Wake Forest Baptist Health


The value of leveraging operational intelligence at Wake Forest Baptist has been both measurable and sustainable. In just 34 months, Wake Forest realized more than $8 million in value:

  • $970,000 per year by automating temperature monitoring processes
  • $2M per year in staff productivity
  • $3.5M savings by eliminating redundant equipment purchases and avoiding unnecessary costs

The staff at Wake Forest Baptist fully embraces the value of technology and incorporates it in their daily operations.

Customer Profile

Wake Forest Baptist Health is an integrated system that operates 1,004 acute care, rehabilitation and psychiatric care beds, outpatient services, and community health and information centers. They employ approximately 13,600 people and see over 1,000,000 patients each year.


Software Platform Partner:          Intelligent InSites
RTLS Hardware Partner:             CenTrak
Program Management
and System Integration:              Infinite Leap


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