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Improving Healthcare Efficiency

How the Department of Veterans Affairs is Using Real-Time Visibility to Increase Clinical Efficiencies and Reduce Delays in Care for Veterans


To help provide the highest quality of care across its network, the Department of Veterans Affairs turned to location-based intelligence from Intelligent InSites. With location-based data, the VA impacts patient care in real-time while improving healthcare efficiency and operational performance system-wide. This real-time visibility has helped decrease operational costs, increase staff efficiency, and reduce delays in patient care.

Intelligent InSites provides the enterprise-wide software solution for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ in their medical centers and Consolidated Medical Outpatient Pharmacy. RTLS is helping the VA ensure:

    • Medical equipment and instructions follow proper sterilization workflows
    • The right equipment is available for procedures at the right time
    • Recalled items can be located and removed immediately
    • Equipment nearing expiration can be exchanged at no extra cost and without waste
    • Cost savings are achieved that can be reinvested back into additional veteran care
    • Real-time data allows for optimal inventory levels and easy ordering
    • Medical staff experience better employee engagement, satisfaction, and less turnover

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We’ve been able to improve our efficiency, which frees up our nursing staff to have more hands-on time with patients. That’s the goal, that’s why we’re here, to take care of the veteran.”

– OR Charge Nurse, VISN 11

Finding the exact items went from being nearly impossible to locating these items in seconds with RTLS.”

– Network Chief Logistics Officer/Senior RTLS Contracting Officer’s Representative, VISN 11


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InSites Asset Management
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