Improve Emergency Department Efficiency with Real-Time Performance Metrics

Speaker:        Keith Herron, MHS, PA-C
Solution Designer, Intelligent InSites

Time:             37 minutes


Hospitals today can leverage real-time locating systems (RTLS) to measure performance of their emergency department to drive process improvements in the areas of timeliness and efficiency. This is accomplished through performance metrics and reporting showing: Length of Stay, ED Hold time, Door-to-Exam Room, Door-to-Provider – all in real-time and down to the individual patient level. Additionally, the integration of EHRs and RTLS provides automatically collected and accurate time stamps – bringing minutes back to direct interaction with patients.


In this webinar, you will:

  • Understand the challenges that make the emergency department a challenging environment to capture accurate event data
  • Understand the benefits of using RTLS as a tool for automating event data capture
  • See a comprehensive picture of emergency department activities when RTLS data is merged with electronic health record data
  • Learn how to use LEAN principles to refine emergency department processes


About the Speaker:

Keith Herron, MHS, PA-C is a solution designer at Intelligent InSites. Keith specializes in using lean processes to design patient flow workflow solutions in emergency departments, ambulatory clinic settings, inpatient facilities, as well as infection control, sterile processing, and cath lab use cases. He received his master’s degree in health sciences and PA certification from Duke University in 2002 and continues to work as a physician’s assistant in his local emergency department.


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