Improve hospital
patient flow and
staff productivity.

Hospital workflows are interconnected. Bottlenecks in one department have a cascading effect throughout the entire system. When hospital patient flow is inefficient, the rate of patients leaving without treatment (LWOT) increases, the process of discharging patients slows, and all other processes are interrupted. This translates into lower admissions rates, longer length of stay (LOS) and lost revenue.

With InSites for Acute Care software solutions, you gain real-time visibility into the flow of patients, staff and equipment. Supplied with this automatically-collected information, staff can understand the demand for care and make resource adjustments. With objective before-and-after data, improvements in operational processes can be continuously made and measured to optimize patient flow and ensure the best use of resources.

Better patient flow = higher patient satisfaction. 

InSites patient flow solution gives care teams visual indicators of the workflow process so they can anticipate what’s next and get ahead of bottlenecks. They can be proactive instead of reactive, which dials down stress and improves the experience for both staff and patients. With access to real-time data and historical reports, you’ll easily know if process changes work.

Emergency Department

Visibility into patient wait times, who a patient is with and where they’re at in their care in an ED enables patients to move through the care process faster – improving patient throughput and patient access.

Supply Chain

When the care team is pulled into administrative tasks such as searching for the closest IV pump or wheelchair, patient care is affected. Real-time visibility into the location and utilization of medical equipment means that the right equipment is at the right place, at the right time.

Inpatient Care

With at-a-glance insight into the location of patients, staff and equipment, the care team can focus on providing care rather than being burdened with searching for what they need.

“…it truly has lessened the amount of time that [caregivers] need to worry about
everything going on in the background… [and instead] give better patient care at the bedside.”

– Division Clinical Specialist, VISN 11, Department of Veterans Affairs

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Drive staff productivity while increasing staff satisfaction.

Patient care should be driven by patients’ needs, not by the limitation of resources. With the shortage of nurses and doctors and increasing administrative burdens, you need to ensure your care teams are as productive as possible. This can be accomplished by using real-time operational solutions that help your teams bring everything together seamlessly at the point of care.

Inpatient Care

Knowing if the patient is in the room and who is with them improves communication across the entire care team. Doctors and nurses can plan patient visits accordingly, before moving across units, floors, or even buildings only to find their patients aren’t available to be seen.

Supply Chain

Through simple searches and automated data collection, supply chain teams are empowered to manage equipment flows efficiently. PAR-level reporting prevents stock-outs and requests for new or rented equipment can be minimized.

Emergency Department

Efficient workflow across the emergency department is crucial. Real-time visibility into each stage of patient care helps caregivers know where to go next. Charge nurses and managers can identify potential problems and take action to prevent delays in the ED.

“It is extremely rewarding to see our staff so engaged with technology. Every day they come up with new and innovative ideas on how to use sensory data to provide the ultimate patient experience.”

– Conrad Emmerich, VP Clinical Operations, Wake Forest Baptist Health

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