Improve patient flow and increase staff productivity.

Patients expect on-time, uninterrupted visits with their providers. But clinics can be chaotic. Intelligent InSites’ clinic flow solution improves patient flow and enhances care team communication, making the clinic experience better for patients and staff. Through automatic real-time data collection, providers can see where their patients are and how long they have been there. Care teams can easily see and remove bottlenecks. Patients wait less, staff communicate more effectively and overall care is improved. The result is happier patients and staff, and improved operations that impact the bottom-line.

Lose the wait – enhance the experience.

Whether in the waiting room or exam room – the time patients wait (and even how long they perceive they wait) – impacts their satisfaction. With location-based intelligence, you can drastically impact the patient experience in your clinic by reducing wait time.

Improve Throughput

From check-in to check-out, patients spend less time in the clinic – improving throughput and satisfaction

Increase Revenue

See more patients and drive increased revenue by reducing average patient cycle time

Improve Patient Flow

Improved patient flow reduces cycle time – freeing up additional care minutes to improve patient access

Identify Bottlenecks

Identifying bottlenecks in the patient flow process leads to improved workflows

In the Moment Visibility

Seeing where patients are in their care milestones lets providers take control of their days

In-the-moment, actionable intelligence along with advanced reporting capabilities, allow you to set patient flow milestone goals and identify patterns or elements that impact the overall visit but don’t add value. Empowered with this meaningful and unbiased data, you will be able to start tackling inefficiencies in your patient flow and measure results.


Working with medical clinics across the country, InSites customers have experienced improved patient flow through location-based intelligence.

  • Reduced a patients’ first contact with a nurse from 5 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Reduced average patient cycle time by 24%, giving over 4,500 care minutes back to the clinic each week

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See the story for every patient visit.

In case of a patient’s complaint, you can drill down into the exact details of what happened during that visit. This allows you to have a constructive conversation with your team on how to make the patient experience better.

Your staffs’ time is
scarce. Use it wisely.

InSites for Clinics gives the care team an instant view of where staff and patients are right now – and what they’re doing.  Combined with an automatic two-way EHR integration, InSites for Clinics creates a seamless, efficient visual workplace where care teams can operate more efficiently.

  • Automatic and visual communication leads to effortless care coordination with nurses and providers
  • Know where every patient is, easily collaborate on what is needed next, and adjust in the moment
  • Maximize patient-provider time, increasing satisfaction for both patients and staff
  • Enable coordinated care delivery models – encouraging more proactive and focused care for patients
  • Set benchmarks for your team and provide them with ongoing data to drive continuous process improvement


Through increased operational visibility and improved staff workflows, InSites customers are improving operations:

  • Reduced 2,264 nursing hours and reallocated nursing staff to other lines of service
  • Reduced patient cycle time by 15 minutes (24%), giving over 4,500 care minutes back to the clinic each week

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How is space in your clinic actually being used?

With construction and ongoing facility maintenance costs steadily rising, removing non-revenue producing spaces, such as waiting rooms, decreases both capital and operational expenses.

With automatically captured operational data showing actual room occupancy, you’ll have accurate insight into how your clinic space is being used:

  • Identify daily patterns in occupancy and reassign underutilized rooms
  • Understand how much time patients spend in a room – and how much of that patients’ time is with staff
  • Reallocate space to accommodate patient volume


Customer Case Study

Innovative Clinic Design | Sanford Health

Sanford Health transformed the patient experience and improved patient flow by implementing an innovative clinic design, location-based technology and patient self-rooming.



Improving Clinic Flow with Technology

Improving clinic flow with the use of location-based technology can positively impact patient wait times, throughput, access and overall satisfaction.


Oregon Medical Group
Customer Case Study

Driving Measurable Results | Oregon Medical Group

Using RTLS-based data and intelligence to drive measurable results, Oregon Medical Group reduced patient wait time prior to being seen by a care provider by 75%.


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Staff Backup
Enhance existing nurse call systems with real-time visibility into the location of staff, improving response time with a simple button press.

Environmental Monitoring
Automate monitoring of temperature-sensitive units such as pharmaceuticals, blood, specimens, or food refrigerators and blanket warmers.

Asset Tracking
See the real-time location of patient-critical equipment via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Spend less time searching and more time with patients.