Ensure a safe and compliant environment.

Ensuring a safe environment for patients and staff is a fundamental obligation of healthcare organizations. But many risks exist, like incidents of violence in the workplace, hospital acquired infections and recalled equipment being used for care delivery. With location-based technology from Intelligent InSites, and continuous visibility into the location of patients, staff and equipment, you can help create a safer healthcare environment.

Improve Response Time

How do staff easily locate team members when extra assistance is needed for lifting or bathing a patient or before proceeding with a patient examination? While traditional nurse call systems have long provided value to patients and nursing staff in addressing these challenges, Intelligent InSites’ software takes these systems to the next level.

Staff can easily ask for help by simply pressing a button on a small badge attached to them – no extra steps required. The request is automatically sent to the appropriate person or group – and the real-time location of that team member is immediately visible to speed response.

  • Save on costs related to staff compensation for on-the-job injuries Assaults on healthcare and social workers account for over 70% of all violent acts resulting in days away from work among all U.S. workers.
  • Minimize replacement staff expenses
  • Increase staff satisfaction and retention
  • More easily recruit and retain staff

With access to historical data, you can analyze assistance requests and response times by requestor or location, to identify areas where process improvements or staffing changes can reduce risks.


Sanford is leveraging real-time locating technology to provide a solution to help assure the safety of our staff and patients, which will help decrease workplace violence.”

– VP of Nursing & Clinical Services, CNO – Sanford Health

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Automate Contact Tracing

When a patient tests positive for a contagious disease, how do you know which staff, patients and even medical equipment have been exposed to prevent the spread of infection?

Intelligent InSites’ software automatically tracks all interactions between patients, staff and equipment. Staff instantly see the path that patient took through the facility, including the people and equipment they encountered. With this information, immediate containment steps can be taken to reduce the spread of infections, such as notifying, screening, isolating and treating exposed individuals.

Visibility into the location of exposed equipment helps with timely decontamination to prevent any additional exposure. The contact tracing capabilities of the InSites system also help quality and safety teams identify sources of outbreaks, such as a contaminated sink in a patient room.

  • Minimize potential drops in visit volumes due to patients’ fears
  • Spend less money on replacement workers
  • Avoid litigation actions from patients, family members and staff
  • Ensure safety of patients, staff, and  community at large According to CDC contact tracing is a critical component in stopping the outbreak of infectious diseases, such as Ebola.


During a measles outbreak, staff at Texas Health Resources printed a report showing all team members’ schedules and locations. This data was run against a current vaccinations report, and targeted messages were sent to those who were in contact with the infected patient indicating if they were at risk. Without location-based intelligence from Intelligent InSites, this process would have taken several hours or more versus just a few minutes.

Remove Recalled Equipment

With more and more medical equipment being used to deliver patient care, the number of recalls is also steadily increasing. This potential hazard may pose a significant health and safety risk to patients and staff if affected devices aren’t removed quickly and reliably.

With InSites Asset Management, you have automatic visibility into the real-time location of any piece of equipment affixed with a location-sensing tag. Using a map view or a list view within the InSites solution, staff can immediately find the recalled equipment and remove it instantly from the patient care cycle.

  • Minimize the time recalled equipment According to the FDA, the number of medical device recalls in the U.S. surpassed 3,000 in 2015. This is over 50 safety alerts per week related to medical equipment. is in use or potential use state
  • Ensure quarantined products do not leave designated areas
  • Avoid loss of The Joint Commission accreditation

In accordance to The Joint Commission’s Standard FMS.8.1, the hospital is required to have a system in place for monitoring and acting on medical technology hazard notices, recalls, reportable incidents, problems, and failures. InSites’ for Asset Management can complement your recall management system by providing real-time location information accessible via reports and/or mobile devices. 

“With RTLS, it takes days instead of weeks to locate everything, so we are now better able to successfully complete recalls on time.”

– Chief of Biomedical Engineering, VISN 11, Department of Veterans Affairs



Improving Healthcare Safety with the Use of RTLS

Real-time locating system (RTLS) technology is quickly becoming a proven tool in improving healthcare safety – for both patients and staff.



To Solve BIG Challenges, Sometimes We Need to Think Small

It is time to use big data to gain real-time visibility into all moments of care, and then work with healthcare operations advisors to improve experiences.


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