Efficiently keep sensitive items
and spaces at safe levels.

Healthcare facilities can have hundreds of refrigerators, freezers, and warming cabinets containing temperature-sensitive items such as pharmaceuticals, blood, specimens, blankets or food. Other areas like operating rooms are condition-sensitive and need to be monitored for temperature, CO2 and humidity levels. Monitoring of these items takes time – time away from patient care.


Through automated temperature monitoring and an alert sent to a manager after hours – over 6,000 doses of flu vaccine were spared.

Automate Temperature Monitoring

Automate the collection of temperature, humidity and CO2 readings with InSites Environmental Monitoring solution. Readings and data are automatically collected for each unit or space being monitored. Staff are notified of any abnormalities in readings so corrective action can be taken immediately. All information is logged to aid in compliance audits.

    • Easily monitor units and spaces to verify which are in range, at risk of being out-of-range or are out-of-range so corrective action can be taken immediately.
    • Drill into a specific device or space to view the history for the previous week.
    • Log corrective actions in the event of an issue and view the corrective actions logged.

Save Time

Cut out the manual task of continuously checking sensitive environments and devices to ensure compliance. Let our sensory network do the work and alert your staff only if an issue requires attention.

Save Money

Stop the spoilage of valuable medication, food and specimens by getting to device contents before they leave safe ranges. Monitor the status of every environment to ensure it meets your standards, even when your facility is closed.

Improve Safety

Ensure the medication, food, and blood used for patients has been kept within safe temperature ranges throughout its storage.

Streamline Reporting and Compliance

Easily access reports for all environmentally monitored areas and devices – and simplify audit preparations. The accurate, objective data allows you to effectively evaluate your processes, measure against policy, and meet the requirements of regulatory boards.

Environmental Monitoring Log Report


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Customer Case Study

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