New Behavioral Health Patient Flow Solutions and Enhanced Rounding and Environmental Monitoring Reporting Available in Intelligent InSites Version 5.2

Fargo, ND – January 23, 2019Intelligent InSites, the leading provider of operational intelligence for healthcare, announces the launch of a new Behavioral Health patient flow solution, as well as enhanced rounding and environmental monitoring reporting as part of version 5.2 release of its software technology platform.

“Based on extensive voice-of-customer research and our continued commitment to quality of care, patient and staff safety, and workflow optimization, we are excited to launch version 5.2 of our enterprise solution platform. The patient rounding functionality not only provides expanded reporting capabilities for inpatient care units, but also extends InSites’ patient flow solutions into much-needed specialty areas, specifically inpatient behavioral health,” said Shane Waslaski, President and CEO of Intelligent InSites. “This solution will positively improve patient safety and clinical care in these units. Accurate real-time data ensures rounding interval requirements are met, and the added visibility helps in the prevention of patients entering restricted areas or egress.”

These are but a few of the many new features in this latest release which provides care teams the real-time data needed to make in-the-moment decisions and expands capacity while maintaining exceptional patient care.

Behavioral Health Patient Flow Solutions

InSites Behavioral Health patient flow solution leverages automatically collected, real-time location and status data to create a highly intuitive user interface. The patient view allows caregivers to see the current location of patients and staff, understand which patients have been rounded on and who needs to be seen next, as well as note when any observation thresholds are nearing time limits.

Through alerts and notifications, caregivers can easily communicate with team members via preset messages, and alerts can be sent, received and escalated when urgent attention is needed.

The solution places consumable intelligence and robust reporting in the hands of leadership to make timely and informed decisions. Time-specific reports can be accessed to substantiate rounding observation requirements for regulatory agencies. And deviations or gaps in patient care processes can easily be identified, which significantly impacts patient safety and care quality.

The visibility provided by InSites Behavioral Health is a significant evolution of care tools and grants new opportunities to improve care team coordination and patient safety, as well as meet compliance standards. This solution is an addition to the InSites for Acute Care patient flow solution stack, including InSites Emergency Departments, InSites Inpatient Care and InSites Procedural Care (OR). InSites also provides clinic patient flow, asset management, staff backup, and environmental monitoring software solutions.

Inpatient Rounding Reporting

Expanded intelligence is now available with InSites Inpatient Care rounding reporting. Caregivers and leadership alike will benefit from visibility into key metrics such as patients seen, expected observations, completed observations, missed observations and compliance rates. This actionable intelligence can be used to drive decisions around staffing or processes to improve patient care and safety.

Environmental Monitoring Reporting

Insight into environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity and CO2, is simplified with a roll-up summary in InSites Environmental Monitoring Log Report. The report is easily accessed to provide a summary of all monitored activities, such as when compliance is logged, corrective action is taken, a monitoring alert is generated, or a reading is received. This data is aggregated from the automatically collected, time-stamp data from InSites Environmental Monitoring application and can be leveraged to evaluate processes, measure against policy, and meet requirements of regulatory boards.



About Intelligent InSites

Intelligent InSites improves healthcare operational efficiency, patient flow and asset utilization with its advisory services and location-based software solutions. InSites automatically captures location data from RTLS, RFID and other locating technologies and integrates it with other health IT systems, such as EHR, CMMS and ERP. Intelligence is delivered to mobile devices, team view boards, and laptop or desktop computers to inform in-the-moment decisions, automate workflows and enhance care team communications. Advanced reporting, together with InSites’ process design and change management services, drives measurable improvements like decreased cycle time and wait time, increased access, safety and satisfaction and improved operating margins across clinics, acute care facilities and healthcare delivery networks. 


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