InSites’ Version 5.1 Extends Real-Time Visibility with Customized Live Boards

Fargo, ND – August 7, 2018 – Intelligent InSites, the leading provider of operational intelligence for healthcare, announces the release of version 5.1 of its software technology platform featuring new customized Live Boards.

“Having the honor of partnering with many of the largest, most innovative health systems in the nation to drive transformative operational change has also given us deep insight into the expanding ways that location-based intelligence can be leveraged to improve the healthcare experience,” said Shane Waslaski, President and CEO of Intelligent InSites. “We are pleased to launch version 5.1 of our technology platform, which creates a heightened level of visibility, providing caregivers with the information they need, when they need it and where they need it.”

The Live Boards packaged with this latest release are just one of the many features that enable care teams to leverage real-time data to make in-the-moment decisions while continuing to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Real-Time Live Boards

With Intelligent InSites’ Live Boards, patient care teams have visibility into live patient location and status data, which is updated automatically and in real-time. This improved visibility leads to greater staff productivity, improved patient care, better patient experiences and more efficient operations.

The customizable views of the Live Boards displays the data in a format that most valuable for both individuals and entire care teams, with filters and formats that can be customized to uniquely display data on desktop PCs or wall boards. Live Board data can also be supplemented with EHR system data through custom integrations to provide a truly tailored experience.

The Live Boards are included with the InSites for Acute Care patient flow solution stack, including InSites Emergency Departments, InSites Inpatient Care and InSites Procedural Care. InSites also provides clinic patient flow, asset management, staff backup and environmental monitoring software solutions.

Emergency Department Live Board 040918

Data Accessibility and Intelligence

These features come as a follow-up to the 5.0 release, which included a significant enterprise enhancement of the InSites business intelligence engine and reporting data architecture. In addition to a centralized repository of powerful, prepackaged business intelligence reports available for each solution, InSites customers now have access to the InSites Reporting Data Store (RDS), a robust database of historical RTLS and workflow data. “The RDS creates a whole new level of data accessibility for customers,” said Derrick Olson, Senior Vice President of Engineering. “We believe the data is their data. Customers shouldn’t have to wait to get reports from their technology systems nor have limited access – or sometimes even no access – to the raw data. With the RDS, their RTLS data is available at the click of a button and can be leveraged to meet the unique needs of each customer.”

With access to the RDS, customers have new opportunities to create customized reporting either through InSites’ custom engineering services or by leveraging their own in-house visualization tools such as Tableau, Qlik and Power BI. By integrating data from the RDS with data from other healthcare IT sources, customers can also pivot to create custom views and insights.

About Intelligent InSites

Intelligent InSites improves healthcare operational efficiency, patient flow and asset utilization with its advisory services and location-based software solutions. InSites automatically captures location data from RTLS, RFID and other locating technologies and integrates it with other health IT systems, such as EHR, CMMS and ERP. Intelligence is delivered to mobile devices, team view boards, and laptop or desktop computers to inform in-the-moment decisions, automate workflows and enhance care team communications. Advanced reporting together with InSites’ process design and change management services drives measurable improvements like decreased cycle time and wait time, increased access and satisfaction and improved operating margins across clinics, acute care facilities and healthcare delivery networks.


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