Intelligent InSites Wins Best IoT Healthcare Platform Award from MedTech Breakthrough

InSites’ open API integrates systems and devices to provide automatically generated healthcare operational data used to drive continuous improvement

Fargo, ND – June 7, 2017  Intelligent InSites Inc., the leading provider of real-time operational intelligence for healthcare, announces that it has won the Best IoT Healthcare Platform award from MedTech Breakthrough. InSites joins companies like IBM, Stryker, HP, WebMD and Apple, who also won this year in other MedTech Breakthrough award categories.

“We are thrilled to have been selected from more than 2,000 nominees to receive this industry recognition,” said Shane Waslaski, President, and CEO of Intelligent InSites. “We see RTLS as being the first entrance of the Internet of Things in the healthcare environment. From its inception, the InSites open technology platform was designed to connect smart devices and systems to automatically collect operational data without the need for human intervention, such as physicians and nurses spending more time at keyboards to record timestamp information. Using this accurate intelligence and corresponding workflow automation applications, healthcare leaders are achieving significant improvements to top metrics, such as reducing patient visit cycle time by 25%, and adding 1,700 more patient visits annually in a busy orthopedic clinic, resulting in a 24% gain in net operating revenue.”

The InSites platform was among the first of its kind, integrating data from real-time location system sensors, mobile devices, temperature sensors, building management systems, pagers, and so on, to provide cross-system intelligence that previously was not available to healthcare leaders. On its platform, InSites has built comprehensive workflow automation and analytics solutions used by clinics, acute care facilities, and large healthcare enterprises. InSites integrates data with EHR, CMMS, ERP and other clinical and IT systems. Unlike many data-intensive healthcare IT systems that retain control of customers’ data, InSites’ reports and analytics can be viewed, distributed and customized using the InSites Business Intelligence Reporting Library, or a preferred reporting tool.

Everything within the Intelligent InSites platform is accessible through open application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing developers to easily build new solutions and integrations. Case studies that illustrate the many ways in which the InSites platform serves as an Internet of Things for healthcare, integrating automatically-generated data from devices, sensors, and systems to transform operations, can be found here.

About MedTech Breakthrough

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies, people, platforms and products in the health, fitness and medical technology industries today. MedTech judges are senior-level, experienced medical and technical professionals with experience in a range of healthcare, medical and technology companies.

About InSites 

Intelligent InSites improves healthcare operations with location-based software and services. We work with our customers to decrease patient cycle time and wait time, increase asset and facility utilization, and improve satisfaction for staff and patients in clinics, acute care facilities and health delivery networks. Automatically captured location data from RTLS, RFID and other locating technologies informs in-the-moment decisions, automates workflows and provides advanced reporting used to drive continuous improvement.

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