Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Implements RTLS and Intelligent InSites Operational Intelligence Solution

Intelligent InSites provides means for improving operational efficiency and cost reduction in Silicon Valley’s only public hospital

Fargo, ND – January 23, 2014 – Intelligent InSites, Inc., the leading provider of real-time operational intelligence for healthcare, announces that Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (VMC) has implemented Intelligent InSites’ real-time location system (RTLS) asset management software to automatically track and manage 5,000 hospital assets throughout 9 buildings on their campus.

The integrated solution consists of Intelligent InSites’ operational intelligence software platform, Intelligent InSites’ asset management application, and RTLS hardware from Sonitor Technologies, which uses ultrasound-based technology to provide continuous equipment location updates.

With the InSites solution, staff at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center can quickly look up the item they need and see its exact location and status – saving staff time and allowing greater focus on patients. In addition, the RTLS solution enables Santa Clara Valley Medical Center to best use the assets they already have, eliminating unnecessary purchases and rental expenses, as well as confidently and efficiently performing preventive maintenance, managing recalls, and conducting inventory counts.

“We are very excited about the quality, cost, and patient satisfaction opportunities that come with using the Intelligent InSites solution,” said Christopher Wilder, Executive Director of Valley Medical Center Foundation, which funded the project. “Implementing this RTLS solution directly supports Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s goal to deliver the right care at the right time in the right setting, in the environment where quality and safety can thrive.”

The real-time location system is an indoor positioning system which collects data regarding the time, location, and status of tagged items. The Intelligent InSites software displays and reports this data and can trigger actions, such as mobile messaging and alerts, along with automating processes to occur when certain criteria are met. For example, at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the Intelligent InSites solution is configured to notify staff when IV pumps leave the buildings and do not return within a certain amount of time, or when Workstations on Wheels, which are assigned to certain departments, have left their designated area.

“It is very rewarding to partner with VMC Foundation and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center to harness the power of innovative technologies to drive continuous process improvements, helping them deliver better care at lower cost,” said Margaret Laub, President and CEO of Intelligent InSites.

Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System plans to expand the use of Intelligent InSites’ solution over time by deploying it in outpatient clinics and in the new clinical facility to be opened in 2014.

Healthcare providers can learn more about Intelligent InSites’ real-time operational intelligence platform at HIMSS14, February 24-27, in Orlando, FL. Intelligent InSites can be found in booth #7963 and in the Intelligent Hospital pavilion.


About Valley Medical Center Foundation

Valley Medical Center Foundation (VMC Foundation) is an independent, nonprofit organization that raises donations from the community on behalf of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (VMC) and the entire Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System. The Foundation seeks these funds for programs that support community well-being, improve the quality of care, and promote access to medical treatment for all residents of Santa Clara County.


About Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (VMC) is a 574-bed acute-care teaching hospital – affiliated with Stanford Medical School and Stanford Hospital – and research institution dedicated to the health of the whole community. While VMC is a public hospital, its state-of-the-art facilities also attract privately insured citizens. As the Safety Net hospital and busiest health facility in the region, VMC cares for over 25,000 hospitalized patients and provides over 800,000 outpatient and emergency visits annually – in all, providing health services to 1 in 4 residents of Santa Clara County. Widely regarded as one of the finest public hospitals in the nation, VMC is the only medical center in the county with a 100% open door policy that guarantees everyone access to care, regardless of ability to pay. Its mission to care for anyone, regardless of ability to pay, has stood for 135 years. VMC is undergoing major construction to expand its campus to help keep pace with the growing population of Silicon Valley. The need for expansion is obvious as projections for 2040 predict a population growth of 500,000 residents in San Jose and 2,100,000 residents in the Bay Area. VMC has seen a steady increase in patients from 145,000 in 2000 to 220,000 in 2012, and future growth is anticipated. Additionally, health care reform will provide Medi-Cal coverage to 40,000 currently uninsured residents at the end of 2013, which will certainly mean new demands for VMC primary care services. With the help of Valley Medical Center Foundation, VMC has been able to respond to the demands of Silicon Valley’s growing population by expanding its state of the art facilities.


About Sonitor Technologies

Sonitor Technologies, Inc. was established in 1997 in response to the healthcare industry’s need to improve operations visibility and efficiency. Its tiered resolution Real Time Locating System (RTLS) with patented High Definition capabilities are specifically developed and designed for indoor positioning in complex environments. Sonitor is selected by world-class partners to build industry-leading solutions for global deployment.


About Intelligent InSites

Intelligent InSites partners with healthcare systems to improve patient experience and reduce costs with its consulting services and location-based software solutions. InSites automatically captures and visualizes patient, staff, and equipment location movements and delivers actionable insight in-the-moment to streamline patient flow and improve staff efficiency and equipment utilization. With advanced analytics and process engineering services, InSites drives healthcare operational excellence.

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