Intelligent InSites Streamlines Healthcare Supply Chain Processes with Real-Time PAR Level Dashboards

Healthcare providers to experience improved operational processes, increased patient and staff satisfaction, and enhanced patient safety by leveraging real-time visualization of their medical equipment levels.

Fargo, ND – December 2, 2015 – Intelligent InSites Inc., the leading provider of operational intelligence for healthcare, announces the availability of a PAR level dashboard provided within their Asset Optimization product. With the PAR level dashboard, hospital staff can extend the value of their investment in RTLS and RFID solutions by leveraging real-time operational intelligence to automate tasks, streamline equipment workflows, avoid stock out situations and give time back to caregivers.

“In the hospital environment, the lack of visibility into location and status data makes tasks like replenishing equipment to meet PAR levels burdensome and full of guesswork,” said Donna Morrow, RN, Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement at Intelligent InSites. “With the InSites PAR level dashboard, staff can streamline operations by monitoring in real-time the current levels of equipment and taking proactive steps to keep them within desired ranges.”

“The PAR level dashboard is an excellent example of user-centered design,” said Alex Hoffman, Asset Management Product Manager at Intelligent InSites. “Our customers desired more agile ways to manage their operational processes. They wanted their operational teams to be empowered with ‘mission control’ tools, in addition to the InSites system’s ability to automatically generate notifications. We built this tool to provide healthcare leaders enhanced visibility into their equipment operations, while at the same time minimizing the risk of alert fatigue.”

Benefits of utilizing the PAR level dashboard positively impact supply chain staff and caregivers, as well as patients:

Improved Patient Care

With access to real-time views of equipment levels in comparison to established PAR levels, supply chain teams can see at-a-glance when replenishment is needed to avoid falling below PAR. This ensures caregivers always have the equipment they need on hand, when they need it.

Streamlined Supply Chain Processes

With real-time visibility into current PAR level status, central supply staff can efficiently replenish equipment and plan their routes to complete their work faster and with fewer steps.

Prioritized Activities

With a view into PAR level status by equipment type, the sterile processing team can prioritize what types of equipment need to be cleaned first to avoid stock outs and to support efficient replenishment flows.

Quantified Process Improvement

With access to historical information, hospital leaders can quantify and report the progress of supply chain process improvement initiatives, such as minimizing stock-out times. They can also calculate cost savings achieved through improved equipment utilization and staff efficiency.

Increased Equipment Utilization

With visibility into the location of clean and available equipment, supply chain staff can reallocate equipment surpluses in real time according to established PAR levels. This increases overall equipment utilization, while minimizing purchases and rentals.

Enhanced Patient Safety

With access to real-time counts of equipment stored in soiled storage locations, hospitals can avoid corridor clutter and meet The Joint Commission Standard for Life Safety, LS.02.01.20, which requires hospitals to maintain the integrity of the means of egress.

Increased Staff Satisfaction

Automated supply chain processes allow caregivers to stay focused on patients instead of making non-value added phone calls to request that equipment be delivered or picked up for sterilization.


About Intelligent InSites

Intelligent InSites partners with healthcare systems to improve patient experience and reduce costs with its consulting services and location-based software solutions. InSites automatically captures and visualizes patient, staff, and equipment location movements and delivers actionable insight in-the-moment to streamline patient flow and improve staff efficiency and equipment utilization. With advanced analytics and process engineering services, InSites drives healthcare operational excellence.

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