Improve care coordination and safety with behavioral health patient tracking solutions.

As patients move throughout the open, communal environment of behavioral health units, insight into each patient’s location is important for both safety and quality of care.

Leveraging the power of location-based intelligence through a real-time locating system (RTLS), Intelligent InSites behavioral health patient tracking software gives you visibility into the location of patients and staff across the unit, access to data to validate and ensure rounding requirement compliance, and the insight to measure opportunities for workflow improvement for better patient care.

Improve care coordination

Improve communication and streamline care coordination by understanding which patients have been rounded on, which patients need to be seen next, as well as how long it has been since a patient has been observed.

Improve staff and patient safety

Immediately know if a patient enters a restricted area or department exit. Easily locate team members if assistance is needed.

Meet compliance reporting standards

Avoid non-compliant observations by quickly identifying patients who are nearing the deadline for their next observation. Access standardized reports detailing expected and missed observations, as well as the compliance rate for each patient.

Behavioral Health Patient Flow Patient List View

Your visual workplace

With automatically collected, real-time location and status data, InSites creates an accurate patient flow picture.

  • See the current location of patients and staff
  • Understand which patients have been rounded on and who needs to be seen next
  • Note when observation thresholds are nearing time limits

Easily communicate with team members with customizable, preset messages and alerts

  • Send direct messages to simplify communication
  • Send, receive and escalate alerts needing urgent attention, such as when a patient enters a restricted area


Create consistency of care with digital patient rounding.

Introducing AccuRoundTM by Intelligent InSites, a mobile application designed to improve patient rounding processes in behavioral health units through a streamlined, digital experience for caregivers and staff.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Your operational data is transformed into consumable reports and analytics that enable you to make informed decisions. Access time-specific reports to substantiate rounding observation requirements to regulatory agencies. Identify deviations or gaps in patient care processes that may impact safety or quality of care, allowing you to adjust staffing models or workflows accordingly.

Comprehensive Observation Summary Report

Capture a roll-up of rounding metrics for visibility into patient care encounters.

  • See the number of expected observations
  • See the number of missed or late observations
  • See the compliance percentage of observations for each patient and the department as a whole
Behavioral Health Rounding

Comprehensive Observation Details Report

Drill into the details of each patient’s visit for a deeper understanding of care.

  • See the number of expected observations for each patient
  • See the number of missed observations for each patient
  • Identify the amount of time between each staff observation
  • See the time of each observation
  • Evaluate individual observation compliance rates

Custom Reporting Solutions

With access to InSites’ historical location and workflow data, you have the flexibility to create powerful, custom views and insights. Pair your RTLS data with other health system data. Pull this data through your in-house visualization tools or work directly with the InSites reporting team for customization. The possibilities are endless.


“We want to provide the tools and the resources to our staff, so they can provide the very best care. That’s ultimately the goal here — patient safety. When they come here, they know they are being given the best care possible”

– Associate Director

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Emergency Departments

Improve emergency department patient flow to increase throughput, safety and patient satisfaction.


Asset Tracking

See the real-time location of patient-critical equipment via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Spend less time searching for equipment and more time with patients.


Staff Backup

Enhance existing nurse call systems with real-time visibility into the location of staff, improving response time with a simple button press.