Improve emergency department patient flow to increase throughput, safety and patient satisfaction.

Efficient patient flow in the emergency department has become even more critical as today’s ER’s continue to face overcrowding, long wait times, and sometimes even longer hold times prior to inpatient admitting.

With the power of location-based intelligence, InSites Emergency Department patient flow software gives you automated visibility into the flow of patients and staff throughout the emergency department. With live data on each stage of care, you can identify bottlenecks before they create delays. Real-time data and reports give you objective before-and-after data needed to continually make and measure process improvements.

Improve care coordination

Streamline care coordination and improve communication with visibility into staff in the room with the patient at any moment in time. Context around daily patient throughput improves staff planning, and accurate timestamps of key intervals leads to more efficient processes.

Improve patient access

Make patient care more efficient, so more patients can be seen and fewer patients divert. And because emergency department visits correlate to the number of inpatient stays and future outpatient visits, improving emergency department patient flow impacts your facility’s financial performance.

Reduce patient waiting

The average patient spends two hours in the ED. With visibility into individual patient wait times – and by acuity – the right patients are seen at the right time and patients wait less.

Create a safer environment

Easily locate staff if assistance is needed in patient care, or if a violent incident occurs. Reduce the spread of infection by automatically tracing all interactions between patient, staff and equipment.

“We are able to budget and proactively manage our staffing patterns based on cutting out processes that only delayed care. This allows us to make better, informed decisions because we have data that is real-time.”

– Director of Critical Care

Transform data into a visual workplace.

Real-time visibility into of the flow of patients and staff creates a visual workplace for the care team. Automatically collected data gives care teams insight into where patients are and how long they’ve been there, care milestones completed and the ability to plan for what is needed next.

InSites’ solutions are built with an open technology platform and integrate with other healthcare IT systems, such as EHR, mobile communication, building systems and real-time location (RTLS) systems. These integrations allow for customizable desktop and wall board displays – visualizing data that is most important, and useful, for both individuals and care teams.

“This transformation requires collaboration with many different teams within the organization and does not stop when the technology is installed.”


See the entire Emergency Department picture

Gain the intelligence to understand not just the what, but the why in order to drive meaningful operational improvements. InSites’ business intelligence and reporting tools provide access to both current and historical data to analyze patterns, pinpoint process bottlenecks, report on key performance indicators and recommend opportunities for sustainable process improvement.

Patient Flow Dashboard

Use the Patient Flow Dashboard for at-a-glance insight into the department’s performance against key metrics:

  1. Average door to doctor time
  2. Average door to disposition
  3. Patient totals by time of day and acuity

Patient Flow Reporting

Identify trends and patterns in patient throughput metrics over time, as well as milestones causing delays in care. Drill down to understand the moment-by-moment details of each patient’s visit.

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Staff Backup

Enhance existing nurse call systems with real-time visibility into the location of staff, improving response time with a simple button press.


Inpatient Care

Provide caregivers with
visibility into the flow of
patients and staff across
your facility.


Asset Management

See the real-time location of patient-critical equipment via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Spend less time searching for equipment and more time with patients.