Improve care coordination, efficiency and
experiences with hospital patient flow solutions.

Patient experience is a commonly accepted key performance metric for hospitals. Mounting demands for nurses and physicians, however, can mean less time with patients. The effort to decrease non-value-added time for nurses and providers requires a focus on efficiency and insight into bottlenecks causing delays in care.

Leverage the power of
location-based intelligence.

Leveraging the power of automatically collected, location-based data, InSites Inpatient Care software visualizes the location of both patients and staff, and the status of care. As care providers move across departments, floors and the hospital, they’ll easily know which patients are in their rooms and who is ready for care.

We are able to budget and proactively manage our staffing patterns based on cutting out processes that only delayed care. We can make better, informed decisions because we have data that is real-time.

– Director of Critical Care


Improve efficiency and experiences

See which patients are in their room and ready for care. Eliminate the guesswork and footsteps between rounds and maximize face-to-face time with patients.

Streamline care team coordination

Quickly identify the location of care team members and easily communicate with present messages and visual alerts.

Create a safer environment

Easily locate staff if assistance is needed for patient care, or if a violent incident occurs. Reduce the spread of infection by automatically tracing all interactions between patient, staff and equipment.

Create a visual workplace – automatically.

Real-time access into of the flow of patients and staff creates a visual workplace for caregivers and staff. This automatically collected data gives care teams insight into where patients are, care milestones completed and the ability to plan for what is needed next.

InSites’ solutions are built with an open technology platform and integrate with other healthcare IT systems, such as EHR, mobile communication, building and real-time location (RTLS) systems. These integrations allow for customizable desktop and wall board displays – visualizing data that is most important, and useful, for both individuals and care teams.

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Actionable intelligence for better patient care.

Understand not just the what, but the why in order to drive meaningful operational improvements. InSites’ business intelligence and reporting tools provide access to both current and historical data to analyze patterns, pinpoint process bottlenecks and recommend opportunities for sustainable process improvement.

Patient Flow Summary Report

Easily see areas that have exceeded pre-established thresholds.

Patient Flow Details

Patient Flow Details Report

Drill into each patient’s visit to see the amount of time a patient spent alone between rounds, and when and for how long a physician was with the patient.

Patient Rounding

Patient Rounding Report

Compare expected versus completed observations and analyze rounding compliance metrics to understand impacts on patient care.

Powerful standard, configurable reports are available and built off of InSites best practices. Access to InSites’ historical location and workflow data gives you the flexibility to leverage in-house visualization tools or supplement InSites data with other health system data to create custom views and insights.  

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Learn more about Intelligent InSites’ hospital workflow management solutions.

Emergency Departments

Improve emergency department patient flow to increase throughput, safety and patient satisfaction.


Asset Tracking

See the real-time location of patient-critical equipment via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Spend less time searching for equipment and more time with patients.


Staff Backup

Enhance existing nurse call systems with real-time visibility into the location of staff, improving response time with a simple button press.