Creating consistency in care through digital patient rounding.

Fifteen-minute safety checks are a standard of care in the behavioral health setting. How are your staff prioritizing rounds to ensure patients are receiving the care they need? And how are you validating that the rounds occurred – and on time? Traditional paper-form documentation is cumbersome, offers little patient data critical to care, is prone to error and provides no validation of if and when the round actually occurred.

AccuRoundTM by Intelligent InSites is designed to solve these challenges, improving patient rounding processes through a streamlined, digital experience for caregivers and staff.

Improve safety for patients and staff.

Prioritize patient rounds and complete observations on time.

Create an environment for better patient care.

Access prior observations and notes, and risk factors for each patient to continually evaluate treatment plans.

Ensure staff are efficient and accountable.

Streamline patient care processes and eliminate paper documentation.

Monitor and measure compliance to improve performance.

Validate compliance, mitigating errors and risk that come from manual documentation.

Real-time visibility for real-time decision making.

How does your care team prioritize patient rounds? With AccuRound, it happens automatically and in real time.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE), AccuRound prioritizes patient rounds based on proximity. Each observer’s patient list automatically updates based on time from the prior observation as well as their proximity to each patient. Key patient data is available at their fingertips to provide the information needed for quality patient care.


“We’ve received ongoing positive feedback from staff. They like knowing that the round has been completed, like the added control this process has given them, and how quickly the application senses them with the patient.”

– Clinical Applications Leader

Data and insight — at your fingertips.

With traditional, manual documentation, valuable patient rounding data is trapped on a paper form.

AccuRound gives you access to a suite of real-time reports and analytics, all at the click of a button.

  • Track compliance rates by patient, observer or department.
  • Pivot data for visibility into observation locations, timing, as well as observation findings – and drill down into each individual patient record for greater detail.
  • Assess staff performance with visibility into individual observer compliance metrics, and any associated discrepancies.

Data that is accurate and accessible – giving you the power to make decisions and deliver safer, more efficient and better patient care.

“Daily compliance during the first week of implementation was consistently above 90%. Staff are actively changing their behaviors and are prioritizing rounding over other requests.”

– Clinical Applications Leader

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