Improve on-time starts and patient wait times with patient flow solutions.

Operating rooms have been transformed to provide the most advanced surgical and procedural care. Yet workflow inefficiencies continue to delay on-time starts, causing excessive patient waiting. Leveraging automatically collected, location-based data, InSites Procedural Care gives you visibility into the location of patients and staff across your facility. With visibility into the status and duration of care milestones, staff can effectively transition patients through their procedure and minimize delays.

Create better experiences for both patients and their families

With visibility into the status and duration of care milestones, staff can effectively transition patients through their procedure and minimize delays. Automated, live views and messages provide needed information to waiting families.

Improve care coordination and communication

Caregivers and physicians will know what is happening in-the-moment – and what needs to happen next – improving coordination and communication across the team. Configurable, automated notifications and alerts help keep the care team informed.

Data to drive improved operations

At-a-glance visibility provides the insight to make real-time workflow adjustments. Analyze key performance indicators and trends with advanced reporting and identify opportunities for continuous process improvement.

“We know where people are at any given point in time in our hospital. Therefore, we can streamline the workflow of our staff so they’re not just spending 50 percent of their time at the bedside and 50 percent of their time behind a computer, they’re spending 80 percent of their time at the bedside talking to our patients.”

– Hospital CEO

Create a visual workplace – automatically.

At-a-glance visibility into the flow of patients and staff creates a visual workplace for the care team. Quickly see where patients are, what stage of care they are in and for how long, identify any processes creating delays, and easily plan what is needed next.

InSites’ solutions are built with an open technology platform and integrate with other healthcare IT systems, such as EHR, mobile communication, building and real-time location (RTLS) systems. These integrations allow for customizable desktop and wall board displays – visualizing data that is most important, and useful, for both individuals and care teams.

“It is extremely rewarding to see our staff so engaged with technology. Every day they come up with new and innovative ideas on how to use sensory data to provide the ultimate patient experience.”

Visibility beyond the data.

Drive meaningful and sustainable operational improvements with InSites’ business intelligence and reporting tools. Analyze both current and historical data to identify patterns, pinpoint process bottlenecks and recommend opportunities for operational improvements.

Understand total length of stay by procedure type and what milestones are causing delays in care.

Understand the moment-by-moment details of each patient’s visit.

Built off of InSites best practices, these powerful, configurable reports come standard. With access to InSites’ historical location and workflow data, you have the flexibility to leverage in-house visualization tools or supplement InSites data with other health system data to create custom views and insights.

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