More efficient and profitable
urgent care centers.

Why do patients choose an urgent care center over a traditional medical clinic? Convenient location, hours and expediency of visit. With the growth in this market, how do you ensure they choose you? By managing patient flow within your urgent care center, you can stand out from the competition.

Your urgent care patient and staff workflow solutions can be supplemented with additional technology that improves operational efficiency.

Reduce Patient Waiting

When staff have at-a-glance visibility into where patients are, how long they’ve been waiting, and who is to be seen next, patients wait less and spend more time with the care team.

Improve Staff Efficiency

Care coordination is streamlined with visibility into the location and status of staff, and configurable, automated notifications and alerts.

Drive Continuous Improvement

Whether it’s ongoing improvement within one urgent care center or across multiple facilities, you’ll have visibility into the data to monitor individual and group performance – and make improvements across your entire organization.

Reduce Patient Cycle Time

Your patients will move from check-in to check-out faster, increasing the number of care minutes available to see more patients – improving patient access.

“Reducing cycle time has a synergistic effect on improving access and giving care providers more time to work on satisfaction and quality of care.”

– Administrative Director

Integrated, keyboard-free data
enhances care coordination.

InSites for Urgent Care software solution is built with an open technology platform. We seamlessly integrate with your healthcare IT systems, in either a cloud-based or hosted model. Data from EHR, mobile communication, building and real-time location (RTLS) systems is automatically collected, processed and transformed it into a visual workplace for caregivers and staff. At any moment in time, staff can see at-a-glance:

How many additional patients could you see each week?

Use our online tool to discover how many additional patients you could see each week by decreasing cycle time and increasing patient throughput.

Potential Additional Patients Per Week

“It is extremely rewarding to see our staff so engaged with technology. Every day they come up with
new and innovative ideas on how to use sensory data to provide the ultimate patient experience.”

– Vice President of Clinical Operations

With the Clinic Provider View Application,
providers easily know who is waiting and who to see next.

Improve efficiency and maximize time with patients. Providers will have an
at-a-glance view of their patient list for the day by simply using their mobile device or desktop.

The right data at the right time.

Our business intelligence tools give you a whole new level of visibility. Through advanced reporting and visualization tools, you can view current or historical data to analyze performance trends, identify opportunities for operational improvements and report on key performance indicators that impact patient experience.

Patient Flow Reporting

Use this information to share best practices for equipment workflow or reallocate equipment to where it’s needed most.

Insight into both average and individual patient cycle time gives you the ability to uncover trends and patterns. Goals and measurement processes can then be developed to drive improvement.

  • Length of patient waits – both in waiting areas and exam rooms
  • Length of time providers and caregivers are spending with patients by appointment
  • Length of each patient visit by appointment type
  • Details of each patient visit

Room Occupancy Reporting

Questions often surface during space planning. Room occupancy reporting provides visibility into the exact occupancy of your exam rooms, allowing you to identify trends and opportunities.

  • Identify daily patterns in occupancy and underutilized rooms
  • Understand how much time patients spend in a room – and how much of that patients’ time is with staff
  • Reallocate space to accommodate patient volume
  • Identify areas where you have room to add or expand services


Staff Back-Up

Enhance existing nurse call systems with real-time visibility into the location of staff, improving response time with a simple button press.


Environmental Monitoring

Automate monitoring of temperature-sensitive items such as pharmaceuticals, blood, specimens, blankets or food.