Find medical equipment
faster and save money.

Caregivers can spend up to 20% of their time simply searching for equipment. Staff are tasked with retrieving and replenishing equipment, but not given the tools to do it effectively. And important medical equipment purchasing decisions are made based on incomplete or biased data.

InSites Asset Management leverages location-based intelligence to give you real-time visibility into the location, status, and utilization of all medical equipment. Data flows into reports that can be sorted by unit, department, facility, or even by enterprise for analysis and comparison at the broadest level.

Right size equipment budgets and manage your equipment processes efficiently.

Eliminate Inventory Stock Outs

No more need for hoarding. When day-to-day retrieval and replenishment of equipment is managed proactively, inventory levels are kept where they need to be for healthy operations.

Find Equipment Quickly and Easily

Cut out wasted time searching for equipment and put that time towards patient care. More time dedicated to care means higher satisfaction for both your patients and staff. Your equipment owners will be able to get more done in their day.

Right-Size Inventory and Purchase Less

Utilization data for both owned and rented equipment lets you make smarter procurement decisions and improve your operating margin in the process. Manage your enterprise’s inventory better by sending extra equipment to the places it’s needed most.

Improve Your Asset Utilization Rate

You spent all that money on it, why not use it? Find the right level of inventory and the most efficient process for every equipment type in every area.

Decrease Time Equipment Spends as Unusable

Equipment doesn’t do anyone any good if it’s dirty or being repaired. Improve your equipment turnaround times through complete workflow visibility.

Customer Case Study

Texas Health Resources realized over $1 million in savings the first year – including $100,000 on budgeting for shrinkage, $285,000 on rental equipment and more than $600,000 on procurement-related expenses due to better equipment utilization.

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Seamlessly integrate with your other healthcare IT systems.

InSites Asset Management has an open technology platform that seamlessly integrates with your other healthcare IT systems in either a cloud-based or hosted model. Data from your CMMS, mobile communication, ERP, and real-time location (RTLS) systems sensory network, are all automatically collected and processed. We then transform the data into tools that create a visual workplace for caregivers and staff.

Locate Equipment

The ability to quickly locate medical equipment improves efficiency. Using location-based intelligence, the real-time location of your equipment can be conveniently accessed from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Information is available in the nurses’ station, patient rooms, or even on-the-go.

  • Quickly locate a complete list of equipment – by category or status (in use, soiled, or clean). Know the real-time location of each for efficient inventory and recall management.
  • Pinpoint the exact location of equipment when needed for care or maintenance – and ensure items aren’t in locations they shouldn’t be with at-a-glance map views.
  • Find the top spots for equipment to be and what their status is.

Boost Staff Communication

Equipment owners are almost always on-the-go. Route requests and urgent alerts to mobile devices and let them respond in an app. Your job is mobile; the information you need should be, too.

  • See a list of tasks for the team, and take them out one by one
  • Communicate with your team in the app by sending messages back and forth.
  • Receive alerts when equipment needs urgent attention.

Improve Asset Utilization

With accurate, automatically collected, real-time data showing the utilization of medical equipment across your facility, you can right-size and reallocate inventory, make better use of funds and improve the efficiency of your equipment workflows.

 Gain visibility into the average and peak utilization of equipment over a specific duration.

Optimize inventory levels by knowing how much time equipment is spending in each stage of its workflow

Understand how long equipment is in patient use, how long until it’s repaired, and how long before recalls are complete.

Compare shrinkage across campuses or facilities to identify high-risk locations.

Use this information to reduce shrinkage and keep your valuable equipment available for patient care.

Compare the time your equipment is spending in different statuses across floors or even facilities.

Use this information to share best practices for equipment workflow or reallocate equipment to where it’s needed most.

Manage PAR Levels

Lack of visibility into the current inventory levels of PAR-monitored locations causes day-to-day tasks like replenishing equipment to be reactive and inefficient for supply chain staff. InSites Asset Management’s live PAR dashboard allows staff to streamline operations by ensuring current PAR tracked equipment is within desired ranges.

See current equipment category inventory levels of PAR monitored locations.

Quickly see at-a-glance equipment locations that are Stocked Out, Critically Under PAR, Under PAR, or Over PAR.

Easily locate equipment that needs to be sterilized and delivered back to clean storage locations.

Ensure soiled equipment storage locations do not exceed capacity.


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