In addition to our best-in-class RTLS software solutions, Intelligent InSites’ professional services team provides the experience and expertise to successfully maximize and extend the value of your RTLS solution.

Healthcare Advisory Services

Get expert help with your operational excellence strategies.

The key to sustainable change is to start with clear goals. And, to have a plan and supporting resources for the ongoing work of measuring results and driving continuous improvement. InSites Healthcare Advisors can help ensure your technology is addressing the right challenges, adopted by the organization and ultimately driving measurable, sustainable improvements.

This is accomplished through our proven approaches:

Real-Time Operations Value Analysis

We’ll work with you to identify challenges, strategize objectives and prioritize improvement areas.

Advanced Process Flow Design

Together, we’ll analyze existing workflows, identify success factors and barriers, and recommend future state.

Process Modeling

Your end-users will experience and experiment with the technology, new workflows and solution design.

Integrated Program Management

Following a successful implementation, our team can provide ongoing management of your RTLS-based solution and processes.

Engagement Services

With you through every step of your implementation.

Intelligent InSites’ solutions empower hospital and clinic staff to make transformational improvements across their operations. Great technology is just one side of the equation, however. To help your organization maximize the power of real-time operational intelligence, InSites delivers a full range of services from a team with deep experience in both technology and healthcare.

InSites Professional Services

Implementation Services

We’re here through every step of your implementation – from requirements, mapping and timelines, to design, configuration and go-live – to deliver the solution that meets your goals.


Our comprehensive portfolio of training tools support your initial implementation and beyond to ensure you use your solution to its full potential.

Technical Support

Our technical support team ensures your solution is running smoothly, providing 24/7 support.

Product Maintenance

Your annual service plan ensures you are continually improving your solution’s performance and value with the latest product updates and upgrades.

Custom Engineering Services

Leverage data to meet your organization’s unique needs.

The power of your RTLS-based data gives you visibility into your operations like you’ve never had before. With that comes the opportunity to extend data into even more actionable intelligence. InSites Custom Engineering Services team can build and maintain the custom solutions you need to create a cohesive system that maximizes your data and enables you to improve operational efficiency.


Our team has the experience and knowledge to create new custom integrations tailored to consolidate, automate and streamline various processes across your healthcare and other operational systems.

Mobile Applications and Live Boards

Custom user interfaces that support a variety of platforms* can be developed to keep connected to the most relevant, current and accurate information possible.

Data and Reporting

Let our team of data engineers provide exactly what you need to enable visibility to historical events and trending information crucial to driving operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Development Support

Use InSites’ Reporting Data Store and APIs to build your own integrations, mobile applications or reports with the help of our experienced team.

*Our custom mobile applications and Live Boards can be tailored to support any combination of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as Mac and Windows-based PCs with a supported browser.


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Improve patient flow and increase your staff productivity and efficiency.


Asset Management

Save time and increase equipment utilization in your healthcare facility.


Acute Care

Improve patient flow and hold times in your emergency department.