Chaos has Nowhere to Hide

Taking your organization from Point A to Point B is easier when people aren’t running in circles. Learn how to control the chaos with RTLS.

Best Practices for Driving Process Transformation

Two years ago, Texas Health Resources began a major initiative to become more efficient with their most valuable resource – their staff. The following are key learnings for improving staff productivity in healthcare through process transformation.

Best Practices for Healthcare Facility Planning and Design

As one of the top-10 largest healthcare construction projects in the nation, the team at Sanford Health shares their best practices to apply when planning and designing healthcare facilities.

Creating an RFP for RTLS

Creating an RFP for a real-time location system requires the consideration of key criteria and questions to ensure a successful evaluation and deployment.

Improving Healthcare Safety with the Use of RTLS

Real-time locating system (RTLS) technology is quickly becoming a proven tool in improving healthcare safety – for both patients and staff.

Improving Clinic Flow with Technology

Improving clinic flow with the use of location-based technology can positively impact patient wait times, throughput, access and overall satisfaction.

Smart Healthcare Design & Construction

Explore the top factors to consider before implementing real-time location system (RTLS) technology in your healthcare design and construction project.